Monday, 9 June 2014


Please apologize for having this post again but it had been deleted (I have absolutely no idea why...), so I have to put it back again there... You can put your comment once more if you wish...

For those who follow me on Instagram, you certainly saw lots of cockpit recently. For my new label, "cockpit bazaar", I will present products and little things I cannot live (or fly) without...Little something with a vavavoum always !
Perfect to play the modern aviatrix...

 Root Cover up - Wow
I own several of this product : one in my car, one in France, once here... I would not be able to live without it to be honest. This powder will adhere and cover your grey roots without be sticky, oily or dry in an instant. It is water resistant and will stay 6 days (I did the test). The large mirror is very handy as well. So no more grey roots EVER! It allows me several weeks without going for a proper dying at the hairdresser. So it calms my scalp as well as my bank account... 6 colors to choose from.

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A big, big thank you to the charming Claire at Fairoaks' Airport and to Chris and Richard, aviators at Fairoaks' as well...

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